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    Global Infusion Group (GIG) is a global catering, logistics and brand support company with 30 years experience across the globe. A live event support specialist, with offices & facilities in Asia, Europe, the Americas & the Middle East in addition to an extensive worldwide network of partners and suppliers.

    We’re the umbrella you wish you had when the heavens open and the rich double chocolate fudge cake without the calories. We’re all the things you never expected to find in one place – practical imagineers, orderly flexibility, experienced innovators, approachable professionals.


    GIG and their complimentary divisions work in all manner of challenging environments, from the Olympics to Mongolian ice fields, GIG achieve an unrivalled reputation based upon experience, success, adaptability and professionalism.

    From the global sporting events to international festivals, music tours and corporate hospitality for the most exclusive of guests, Global Infusion Group are ideally placed to ensure quality and consistency at any major event across the globe.

  • Tony Laurenson

    Managing Director, Founder, Chocolate Fiend and Bucks Business Ambassador

    Best Work Moment: Winning our first award
    Things that Baffle Me: People who leave work on time
    Best Advice: "If you like what you do for work, you'll be good at it" Grandpa Laurenson

  • Mary Shelley - Smith

    Global Operations Director, Coffee Loving Chef and Cat Fanatic

    Guilty Pleasure:The Archers
    Signature Dish: Chocolate Guinness Cake

    "Learn from your mistakes don't repeat them..."

  • Bonnie May

    Global Operations Director, Creative Genius, Gin Extraordinaire

    Likes: Her New Cooker 'Brian'
    Guilty Pleasure: Interior Design Magazines
    Bugbear: People who aren't passionate about what they do

  • Felix Zafra

    Managing Partner in Asia, Passionate Frenchman with an eye for flair & innovation

    Can you cook: No, but I can reheat
    Strangest thing ever eaten:Fish & Chips
    Favourite Event:Porsche Snow Force, in Mongolia, on a frozen lake!

  • Alex Dingwall

    International Projects Manager with a Positive Outlook

    Super Power Mind Reading
    Strangest Thing Eaten: Wasp Larvae Crostini
    Greatest Achievement.: My Daughters

  • Charli Turner

    Legal & Marketing with a Creative Twist and an Eye for Detail

    Greatest Achievement: This website going LIVE! And my Law Degree
    Likes: Slippers & Cocktails
    Random Fact: Genuinely think I would look good bald!

  • Matt Laurenson

    Marketing & Events, Laidback Country Bumpkin

    Signature Dish: Beef Massaman Curry
    Favourite Work Moment: Managing my first job - RedBull Soapbox
    "Power On Through"

  • James Mousinho

    Crewing Coordinator, Voice of Reason & Go To Guy

    Strangest Thing Ever Eaten: Christmas Dinner on a Pizza Greatest
    Achievement: Watching Arachnophobia without Crying
    "What's the deal with Stonehenge?!"

  • 1984

    We're Off

    As Tony Laurenson sets off on tour with Joe Jackson and then Iron Maiden on February 7th Eat to the Beat is born providing catering for production, crew and artists.

  • 1987

    Growing Up

    Eat to the Beat are now able to cater on 5 tours simultaneously with our portable flightcased kitchens, in other news – we gave up on the potato oven!

  • 1988

    Toning Down the Rock & Roll

    Its time to go more corporate with the formation of the Chevalier Catering Company plus the purchase of our first mobile kitchen sees ETTB branch out into Film & TV.

  • 1989

    Moved Out!

    The purchase of our first industrial warehouses and office space saw ETTB and Chevalier firmly establish their presence as live event caterers.

  • 1991

    Getting a Hold

    Eat to the Beat and Chevalier have a parent – the Intercontinental Catering Company becomes the holding company of the group.

  • 1992

    Our First Award!

    Eat to the Beat are awarded the title of Favourite Caterer in the Music Business at the inaugural LIVE! Awards and go on to win it in 1993 too.

  • 1994

    Busy, Busy

    Eat to the Beat are found catering on 17 tours during October alone!

  • 1996

    Favourite Caterer

    Eat to the Beat are honoured with Favourite Caterer at the LIVE! Awards again and again in 1997 and catering for the Three Tenors!

  • 1998

    Sisters are Doing it For...You

    Sticking with the food & beverage theme e2B logistics is formed working with an at the time little known energy drink called Red Bull.


  • 1999


    Millennium Sails is incorporated into the group and we purchase a second warehouse.

  • 2000

    The Last of the LIVE!

    Eat to the Beat win the final LIVE! Award for Favourite Caterer in the music business.


  • 2001


    Client list, stock, equipment – it’s all growing and e2B need more space, so a third warehouse and office space is purchased. GIG SPORT becomes a division all of it’s own.

  • 2003

    Making it Official

    Chevalier unleash their creative side as they become Chevalier Event Design, the Group name becomes Global Infusion Group or GIG – clever huh?! – and ETTB Inc is officially formed in the USA


  • 2004

    Another Award

    Eat to the Beat are honoured win the Favourite Caterer at the Total Production Awards and be a part of Band Aid!

  • 2005

    And Another...

    Total Production Favourite Caterer and the Silver Event Award for Event Supplier of the Year. Catering for talented & generous artists at Live 8.

  • 2006

    There's More

    The CEA Eventia Award for Caterer of the Year & another year as Favourite Caterer at the Total Production Awards plus Roger Water’s The Wall Aftershow Party.

  • 2007

    We Love What We Do

    Favourite Caterer at the Total Production Awards and the Silver Event Award for Event Supplier of the Year & catering at Downing Street!

  • 2008

    To Qatar

    GIG Middle East opens in Doha with our partner company Dunes Catering. Plus Eat to the Beat are honoured to be recognised once more at the Total Production Awards for the 5th year in a row.

  • 2009

    Destination China

    Our GIG Asia office opens in China. Meanwhile other highlights included cateirng for HM Elizabeth II at the opening of the South Hook Terminal in the UK.

  • 2010

    On The Move

    GIG move to Chesham to new larger premises in preparation for London 2012, Globestar Entertainment join the Group and we win the UK:Event Awards for Best Caterer.

  • 2011

    Additions to the Family

    Brand Infusion joins the group as partners, we win the MIMA Award for Best Brochure Intermediary Award and Favourite Caterer at the Total Production Awards.

  • 2012

    Triple Gold

    Favourite Caterer at the TPI’s, Best Service Provider at the Arthur Awards and Best Caterer at Top Dog. E2B double their warehouse space and for the Olympics GIG become the first caterer with VCP status.

  • 2013

    We've Rebranded

    The year of the snake was good to us, a busy year consisting of a re-branding of GIG and our divisions as well as events and tours around the world topped off with an FSB Buckinghamshire Business Award for Service Excellence!

  • 2014

    On the Horizon

    With our sights set even further afield, we’re excited for what looks to be another great year of GIGs!

  • eattothebeat

    With their roots in the music and events industry, a film & TV division firmly established and 30 years experience catering around the world. Eat to the Beat are proud to have a client list that runs from A-Z.
    Working their way from location to location on film & TV shoots to worldwide music and production tours, one off shows and providing dressing room riders ETTB are known on site for their smiles, delicious & freshly cooked food. ETTB create a haven for artists, crew and production alike to relax in, creating a home from home – taking the corporate out of hospitality and working as an extension to a team so all you have to do is enjoy the food & ambience.


  • fyi

    GIG…fyi understand all the ingredients of an event from a sit down dinner for 50, a cocktail reception for 200 or an intimate gathering of 12. GIG…fyi have all the tools at their disposal to create something deliciously different for your wedding, corporate function or launch to suit every palate and any occasion.

    From concept through creation to completion GIG…fyi pull together all the finishing touches – putting the posh in nosh and innovating the art of entertaining GIG…fyi will design a bespoke menu and style perfectly suited to your event.

  • e2b

    e2B offer unique event services, distribution strategies & storage solutions with 19 years experience in logistics & brand support.
    With over 90,000sqf of warehousing e2B safely and securely store a huge array of event equipment, sampling products and stock.
    With a team practiced in complex kit consolidation, accurate picking & an extensive knowledge of our storage system & stock e2B works seamlessly.
    e2B support their clients creativity as they continue to build brands that perform.

  • sport

    GIG SPORT offer a complete turnkey catering solution for all manner of live sporting and automotive events.
    Whether on an Olympics event field, the ice lakes of Mongolia, world class stadiums or the slickest of racetracks GIG SPORT have the experience and knowledge of large scale sporting events essential for delivery on this scale.
    All of GIG SPORT’s menus are designed with the target audience in mind and perfectly tailored to provide a complete nutritional balance with freshly cooked meals and a variety of choice to suit the cuisines of the world.

  • BI

    Brand Infusion is a specialist Prop & Product Placement Agency which establishes targeted exposure for brands within the content of Television, Film, Online & Live Events. We are based at Elstree Studios, London’s No. 1 TV & Film Studio.

    In an increasingly fragmented media environment, brands require creative solutions. Bringing together top flight industry professionals from the Product Placement & Event sectors, Brand Infusion achieves effective, accountable brand exposure.

  • GSM

    Globestar Entertainment is our specialist entertainment company working across the UK and globe, specialising in show stopping performances from London’s brightest young talent; from the fabulous Globe Girls, our Pearls n Pecs Boys, to the enormously talented singers who make up The Show Must Go On and Geek Chic.

    Neil Armishaw (the original Globe Girl) Director of Globestar Entertainment has brought together some of London’s finest performers to make your event simply amazing. Globestar always provides “entertainment with experience”.

  • Dunes Catering Logo

    Dunes Catering are our partner company in the Middle East. Specialising in Contract catering and Lebanese Meze for clients including Hilton Hotels, Ramani Hotels, Spinneys, W Hotel, St Regis Hotels, The Four Seasons & Qatar Airways. Dunes also provide retail products to Carrefour, MegaMart & C4 Market.

    With a wide base of experience covering retail items; the provision of canapés and finger food for hotels and restaurants; on site location catering; Dunes Catering are the indisputable choice when selecting a caterer to exceed your expectations


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