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Feeding your imagination

The Ahh in party

The Ahh in Party




Creativity is Contagious...Pass it On

GIG…fyi understand all the ingredients of an event from a cocktail reception for 2000, a sit down dinner for 50, or an intimate gathering of 12.

With all the tools at their disposal GIG…fyi will create something deliciously different for your wedding, corporate function or launch to suit every palate and any occasion.

From creation through to completion GIG…fyi pull together all the finishing touches – putting the posh in nosh and innovating the art of entertaining GIG…fyi will design a bespoke menu and style perfectly suited to your event.


British Summer Time Festival
British Summer Time Festival

British Summer Time Festival

From the very early stages of planning GIG…fyi knew that the Barclaycard British Summertime Festival was going to be special, working alongside organisers AEG since its inception back in 2013.

In 2016, GIG…fyi was overjoyed to be back at British Summer Time in Hyde Park for the 4th year in a row. This year really was about the legends, with sold out shows from Stevie Wonder, Take That & Mumford & Sons.

Once again GIG…fyi provided artist catering & full dressing room services. GIG…fyi transformed a dining marquee into a beautiful summertime garden serving a mouthwatering range of food that tastes even more phenomenal than it looks!

National Television Awards
National Television Awards

An NTA to Remember

Red Carpet glamour, awards and celebrations, and most of the nations most treasured stars, it could only be one night of the year – the National Television Awards.

GIG…fyi have worked on the NTA’s for the past 15 years and have loved every moment of it.

2017 was certainly no different! GIG…fyi not only provided delicious canapés, bowl food and desserts to hundreds of Stars and VIPs, but also kept the back-stage crew and technicians well fuelled too! After the winners were announced were also on hand to provide a flow of champagne to toast the joyful occasion!

ASOS Summer Party
ASOS Summer Party

ASOS Summer Party

In July 2015, GIG…fyi hosted a Summer Party for ASOS, one of the UK’s biggest fashion and beauty online retail stores. The exclusive party featured four interactive food stations, serving up mouth-watering dishes including fish & chips, macaroni cheese and an incredible live sushi station!

Guests also enjoyed an all-inclusive bar with custom cocktails! …and if that wasn’t enough, GIG…fyi also provided a fully serviced pic & mix station and a fresh popcorn stall!

Michelin Guide Launch in Shanghai
Michelin Guide Launch in Shanghai

Michelin Guide Launch in Shanghai

It’s not every day you get a call from one of the most illustrious brands in hospitality - but that’s exactly what happened in 2016. was excited and honoured to be a part of the Shanghai Michelin Guide launch – the famous guide’s first in mainland China.

Our chefs created bespoke canapes, and our waiting staff looked after 400 guests – who were all celebrating the Guide’s launch in style. Our team also delivered the equipment that enabled 4 newly-Michelin-decorated restaurants to showcase their signature dishes to a hugely impressed audience. Our Shanghai-based team can’t wait to sample more Michelin starred delights soon!

Renault Summer Party
Renault Summer Party

Renault Summer Party

Set within 95 acres, Phasels Wood Activity Centre plays host to leading car manufacture Renault’s Summer Party. In 2016, GIG…fyi provided catering services for over 800 guests, serving fresh & tasty BBQ favourites including chicken skewers, homemade beef burgers and country pork & apple sausages. …Of course, no Summer party is complete without ice-cream! GIG…fyi made sure 2 ice cream vans were on hand to provide traditional ice cream cones with chocolate flakes and sprinkles!

Mahiki at Hedsor House
Mahiki at Hedsor House

Mahiki at Hedsor House

July 2016 saw GIG…fyi working with Mahiki and Hedsor House - two brands at the very top of their game - to theme a Bohemian/Polynesian Summer Party. created a sumptuous lobster and steak BBQ set on the south lawn of Hedsor House - a glorious country house nestling in 100 acres of private woodland in Buckinghamshire.

Mahiki is Mayfair's #1 nightspot - and one of the world's most famous party places. The balmy evening saw Mahiki bring their unique tiki party vibe, on tour for a spot of hot Summer fun.

And croquet. Of course.

Maybelline Event
Maybelline Event

Maybe it's Maybelline

It’s not just the make-up we love, working alongside Maybelline …fyi are always given the opportunity to be our creative selves.

Launching their new mascara, Maybelline entertained guests with a fabulous fashion show complete with a bespoke range of fresh and healthy canapés with a selection of sweet treats to match the theme.
Working again alongside Maybelline for their Press Day Media Showcase in Shanghai …fyi created food and stunning floral arrangements perfectly matched to Maybelline’s brand identity.

Guests received flight ticket inspired invitations and were asked to ‘check in’ prior to enjoying cocktails in the waiting lounge.

Google Event
Google Event

Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

An internationally recognised company across the globe – Google are known not just for their search engines that we can’t remember a life without, but also for their events held across the world. GIG…fyi are honoured to have worked with Google in both the UK and China at their Big Tent Event and Press Conferences.
GIG…fyi ensured that Google was centre stage and left no doubt as to whose event it was… Google colours were everywhere – from the cupcakes to the cocktails and the candy bars. Interactive food and drink stations ensured the delegates were kept well fed and entertained whilst enjoying themselves.

5 events, 20 show days and over 300,000 spectators
5 events, 20 show days and over 300,000 spectators

An Olympic Summer...Round 2

The Olympic Park holds great memories for …fyi and GIG – following on from London 2012 and now Summer 2013.

5 events, 20 show days and over 300,000 spectators.

…fyi were on site from May until July to provide VIP & guest catering in the Live Nation Experience Area at Hard Rock Calling, Wireless Festival, GoLocal & Electric Daisy Carnival.

Providing an exclusive bar and buffet area with a wide variety of delicious food for guests to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere.

The enticing and beautiful Moulin Rouge
The enticing and beautiful Moulin Rouge

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Mark Ronson, tents sourced from Cirque du Soleil, a Bedouin village, BBQ’s, a hog roast, champagne, three course dinner and a full English breakfast the next day plus a fly over – what more could a 21st Birthday have or want?!

With main stages and headliners …fyi worked alongside EMC to ensure the food on offer was fit for a princess and 500 guests!

…fyi designed a menu tailored to the event that reflected the theme and atmosphere of the night – the enticing and beautiful Moulin Rouge… Even once the main event was over …fyi remained on hand to cook and serve breakfast to 100 well rested revellers!

We do love a good wedding!
We do love a good wedding!

Your Wish is Our Command

We do love a good wedding! Over the years …fyi have helped plan weddings across the board. From the King of Greece’s son to a wedding on a tight budget we understand the most important part is you and that it’s all in the detail!

…fyi provide the support you need and there is always a Bonnie or Katy with you, every step of the way!

We help you find that perfect venue, beautiful bouquets, tantalising and delicious wedding breakfasts and a bar to keep them dancing – give us your desires and dreams and we make them a reality!

Citroen event Beijing, China
Citroen event Beijing, China

DS Launch

Citroën took their newest model of the DS to Beijing, China. The launch event took place in an old water tower that had been revamped in the Art District of Beijing, a spectacular setting for the 600 attendees.

GIG…fyi were on-site to provide catering and hospitality services for the 600 guests who were served a fabulous 4 course dinner following their champagne reception. The dinner consisted of the finest French cuisine produced by our army of 25 chefs, served by over 120 front of house and service staff.



GIG…fyi were on hand to support the long-awaited unveiling of Chaumet new high end Jewellery collection ‘La Nature de Chaumet’ at the Majestic Club in Beijing. 350 guests including VIP clients and Media were transported to a tranquil Parisian garden. Our Shanghai-based team provided a selection of bespoke canapes and live handmade Bellini cocktails including fresh fruit and edible flowers.


A collection of venues in which GIG operate...

Value Retail Outlet Centre

Suzhou (China)

Genting Arena

Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT13,938, STAND15,643, DD0, TH0

Streatham Ice Arena

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT100, STAND1500, DD0, TH500

Salters' Hall

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT130, STAND250, DD0, TH150

Hoxton Hall

London (United Kingdom)

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh (Scotland)

RUSI Building

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT100, STAND200, DD80, TH180

Runaway Bay

Martinique (USA)

Hyde Park

Hyde Park (London)

Music Bank

London (United Kingdom)

Philharmonic Hall

Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT90, STAND150, DD90, TH1650

Stephens House & Gardens

Finchley (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT70, STAND90, DD60, TH80

The Pirate Castle

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT70, STAND150, DD0, TH0

Sailing Barge Will

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT40, STAND50, DD0, TH40

The University of British Columbia Event

Vancouver (Canada)

Spring Grove House

Isleworth (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT80, STAND120, DD0, TH0

Battersea Park

London (United Kingdom)

St Peter's Hall

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT80, STAND100, DD0, TH0

Gunnersbury Park

London (United Kingdom)

Shaftesbury Theatre

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT1278, STAND150, DD0, TH1301

Shoreditch Town Hall

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT500, STAND800, DD500, TH0

Queen Mary Students' Union

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT350, STAND650, DD250, TH0

The Wall

Berlin (Germany)

The O2 Arena

London (United Kingdom)

Lee Valley Velopark

London (United Kingdom)

Battersea Art Centre

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT400, STAND600, DD400, TH550

Porchester Centre

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT450, STAND630, DD0, TH0


London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT140, STAND1800, DD140, TH200

South London Gallery

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT200, STAND300, DD150, TH0

Aldwych Theatre

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND200, DD0, TH1163

Westminster Cathedral Hall

Westminster (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT200, STAND300, DD0, TH400

Ronnie Scotts

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT220, STAND300, DD200, TH250

Siobhan Davies Studios

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT150, STAND250, DD100, TH150

Marble Hill House

Twickenham, Greater London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND50, DD0, TH50

Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham (United Kingdom)

Tricycle Theatre

Kilburn (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND0, DD0, TH300

Riverbank Park Plaza

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT540, STAND660, DD490, TH650

Thames Luxury Charters

Tower Bridge (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT100, STAND1500, DD0, TH500

Royal Statistical Society

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT100, STAND150, DD0, TH200

German Centre Shanghai

Shanghai (China)

The Worx

Fulham (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT150, STAND350, DD100, TH200

Fulham Palace

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT200, STAND180, DD120, TH84

Trailer Happiness

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND100, DD0, TH0

Westminster Boating Base

Westminster (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT150, STAND350, DD150, TH0

The Berkeley Gallery

Berkhamsted (United Kingdom)

October Gallery

London (United Kingdom)

Victoria Art Gallery

Bath (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT80, STAND200, DD60, TH50

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT200, STAND250, DD0, TH250

Porsche Training Centre

Shanghai (China)

The Vinyl Factory

Soho (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT250, STAND450, DD0, TH250


East London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT1016, STAND2600, DD850, TH2000

Le Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Spa Francorchamps (Belgium)

The Space

East London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT90, STAND120, DD90, TH0


London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND500, DD0, TH0

Hedsor House

Maidenhead (United Kingdom)

Polka Theatre for Children

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND150, DD0, TH300

Bel Canto

London (United Kingdom)

Addington Palace

Croydon (United Kingdom)

Electric Ballroom

London, Camden (United Kingdom)

Silverstone Circuit

Towcester (United Kingdom)

Rivington Place

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT100, STAND150, DD0, TH100


London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND1500, DD0, TH0

Bankside Gallery

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT70, STAND200, DD0, TH0

Royal College of Art

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT350, STAND600, DD300, TH0


London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND500, DD0, TH0

The Pump House Gallery

London (United Kingdom)

Venue max: SIT0, STAND250, DD0, TH0

Our Story

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  1. Image

    1988 - Toning Down the Rock & Roll

    The Chevalier Catering Company is formed! Offering a more corporate look and feel than our sister company Eat to the Beat with the same service and great food!

  2. Image

    1989 - Menus for Everyone

    From the BT AGM at Wembley to a Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty BBQ, a launch at the Grosvenor Hotel with Crown, the launch of BSKYB in the UK and a season of events on the HMS President.

  3. Image

    1990 - Let them eat cake

    From a 5-course sit down dinner for Abbey National to Afternoon Tea at the Surrey County Show – a delicious year was had by all!

  4. Image

    1991 - Drinks all round

    Providing bars for the public at 35 major UK events amongst our roster of corporate events, parties and VIP catering alongside Eat to the Beat catering for crew.

  5. Image

    1992 - Festival & a Ball

    From the Chelsea Arts Club Ball at the Royal Albert Hall catering for guests to Finsbury Park for The Fleadh – an Irish Music festival which saw us cater for artists including Bob Geldof & his Happy Clappers.
  6. Image

    1993 - On Point

    We’re 5! Keeping ourselves busy with the Bolshoi Ballet where we sourced and supplied a Russian chef to meet all their needs and Noel Edmonds Garden Party complete with Mr Blobby!

  7. Image

    1994 - Music is the food of love

    The Capital Jazz Festival had us bopping away while we cooked and served some tantalizing delights. Plus a season of corporate events for Coal Investments.

  8. Image

    1995 - Fit for a King

    A slightly eclectic year for us.. The Bosnian Peace Summit, getting creative for the King of Greece’s Son’s wedding, the and staying in shape on the Adidas Streetball Roadshow to name a few…

  9. Image

    1996 - In Concert

    Keeping busy with aftershow and end of tour parties plus catering for the world renowned Three Tenors at Wembley.

  10. Image

    1997 - Unusual yet corporate

    It was all hands on deck for the BT Global Challenge Corporate Hospitality, canapés for Unusual Rigging and of course Bonnie May left the road and joined the office team!

  11. Image

    1998 - Football Fever in France

    Providing hospitality at 14 stadiums across France for the World Cup, couple that with the Red Bull Superbikes and the UB40 aftershow party and we can happily say ‘what a year!’

  12. Image

    1999 - After All...I'm Just a Girl

    Beautiful creative yet traditional and elegant ideas to welcome in the Chinese New Year for the Sultan of Brunei – reminds us of Julia Roberts and the Notting Hill Film Premiere we catered at later in the year.

  13. Image

    2000 - Turn of the Century

    On site with a sporting event providing VIP hospitality at the Millennium Youth Games, fun for 3000 adults and children at the Family Fun Day for Sainsbury’s and Walt Disney for a presentation at Leicester Square Odeon.

  14. Image

    2001 - What a Year!!

    Red Bull Hospitality Days, a Harry Potter Press Junket and the launch of the new Renault and the France Telecom and Orange Merger – we love turning our hand to whatever your event requirements may be.

  15. Image

    2002 - High Octane

    Providing hospitality at 12 venues across the UK for the British Superbikes Races for the Red Bull Rookies 125 team. Plus the Mercedes US Tour.

  16. Image

    2003 - Unleash the Creativity

    The Chevalier Catering Company becomes Chevalier Event Design as we unleash our creative side! Highs of the year? Levi’s Pan European Conference in Milan & National Television Awards.

  17. Image

    2004 - Celebrations!

    VIP Hospitality at Proms in the Park, Download Artists and Virgin Radio Corporate Hospitality at the Isle of Wight as well as catering for the BP AGM and Vodafone Ball.

  18. Image

    2005 - Taste of Luxury

    Catering for the Taste of Lexus Road Show Tour across the US which saw us touring for 61 days while providing catering services to all those involved and VIP hospitality.

  19. Image

    2006 - Rock & Rolling

    Honoured & privileged to cater for Roger Waters Afterparty following his set at Hyde Park Calling. We were also found creating fanciful treats at the Microsoft Summer Party, the British Comedy & O2 Spirit Awards.

  20. Image

    2007 - Yes, Prime Minister

    Haven’t you just always wanted to say that!? Well in the summer of 2007 we did, several times providing event services and catering for the Downing Street Summer Party.

  21. Image

    2008 - Upbeat

    Chevalier Event Design becomes Upbeat Event Design just in time for a 21st Birthday party to rival them all and a truly memorable occasion at Nelson Mandela’s 90thBirthday Celebration!

  22. Image

    2009 - Going Underground

    Brought in by Glass Page, Upbeat catered for 12,400 people during TfL’s training days for London 2012 in a 6 month period. No time to stop it was Red Bull X-Fighters, the 7/7 Memorial, Hard Rock Calling & Wireless again.

  23. Image

    2010 - Cocktails & China

    Bicycles at the ready for the Deloitte Ride Across Britain final night celebrations with 1,300 supporters. The new office and team in China are going from strength to strength with clients including Lamborghini, Fendi and L’Oreal

  24. Image

    2011 - Something for Everyone

    We’ve got too many highlights! So rather than sit and argue here’s a list JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, Chloe Fashion Show, Grazia Magazine Event, Lacoste L!VE and Paloma Faith’s Birthday

  25. Image

    2012 - A Huge Hyde Park Run

    Mention London 2012 and the Olympics spring to mind, for us we were on site in Hyde Park for Wireless, Hard Rock Calling and BT London Live, & in China catering for Mango, Longchamp and Relais & Chateaux.

  26. Image

    2013 - Feeding Your Imagination

    Changing your hairstyle… it’s a big decision and when it’s not quite right you have to keep trying so this year, we’ve finally done it – we’ve had a bit of a makeover and now rebranded. We’re looking as good as the food we create. Goodbye Upbeat Event Design, Hello

  27. Image

    2014 - A Snapshot!

    It’s always hard to chose a favourite, so here are just some of our highlights – Barclaycard British Summertime Festival, Rewind Festival, National Television Awards, BBC Music Awards, Elvis Presley Exhibition Launch Party, Virgin Marathon, Sonisphere, Revolution… and the list goes on!

  28. Image

    2015 - Start of a good year...

    2015 has already been busy, busy, busy for us and the year ahead is panning out lovely! We’re looking forward to what’s in store, and with plenty of weddings, parties and corporate functions to plan, we’re sure to be having some fun in 2015!

  29. Image

    2016 - BBC Radio 2 Live at Hyde Park

    2016 saw GIG…fyi cater at BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park for the very first time!

    GIG…fyi created two dedicated dining areas in a ‘Summer Haven’ theme for artist catering and crew catering; and the verdict…

    “It was beautiful! the best backstage food menu I've ever seen! And the cheese & crackers ... & the biscuits & salads!” Tommy Sandhu, BBC Radio presenter


News from GIG

  • Stars and VIPs attending the National Television Awards on Wednesday (January 25) were entertained with mouth-watering food and refreshments by the team of GIG…fyi who were catering the event for...

  • Wow, what a year 2016 was…thank you to everyone for your support. Here is to an amazing 2017!

  • There aren’t many organisations that deserve a Christmas party as much as Médicins Sans Frontières. For the third year running GIG…fyi, along with Proper Productions, gave their amazing and...

  • A marshmallow wall… gingerbread photo frames… rice paper menus… jelly and chocolate plates, cutlery and candles… and a cake depicting Shanghai’s famous skyline... The Martell Edible Room was one...

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